Upgrade from an older version

1. Pay through PayPal online


 For Academic Purpose

   For Commercial Purpose


MaxDEA Ultra (1-core, Single Academic License): Upgrade


MaxDEA Ultra (4-core, Single Academic License): Upgrade


MaxDEA Ultra (1-core, Single Commercial License): Upgrade


MaxDEA Ultra (4-core, Single Commercial License): Upgrade


2.  Pay through bank transfer (The prices are the same as payment through PayPal)

International Wire Transfer (Swift)

Beneficiary Banker's Name: China Merchants Bank, H.O., CMB TOWER, 7088 SHENZHEN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China

Swift Code: CMBCCNBS

Beneficiary Name: Beijing Realworld Software Company Ltd

Account No.: 110918875010701


Note that the Beneficiary Name is "Beijing Realworld Software Company Ltd", pleae do not omit "Ltd".


Important Notes

After payment, please send the Order Form to maxdea@qq.com or maxdea@live.com to get the “Registration Code” for fixed license or USB Key for portable license.


1) Fixed license is bonded to a fixed computer. The fixed license must be used online (the software needs to check whether the current computer is the bonded). If the bonded computer is not used anymore, please tell us and you can register the license on a new computer.


2) Portable license uses a flash disk as the USB key. The license holder may work with MaxDEA on any computer the USB key is plugged into. If the USB key is damaged, we can replace the damaged disk with a new one (The cost of the new USB key and shipping fee will be charged). If the USB Key is lost, you cannot get a new USB key.


By default, we use trackable post or economic courier to ship the USB key without additional charge. The shipping time may be over 2 weeks.

Please contact us (maxdea@qq.com) to confirm whether your upgrade needs a new USB key.

If you want to get the USB key more quickly, you can choose the courier DHL, which is faster and more reliable. Shipping fee of DHL must be paid separately.

Before payment, please find the Zone code of your country here.

Shipping Fee (DHL)